Friday, September 4, 2009

September is here in full force!

It is still pretty hot here in SLC. I have been running the sprinklers at least twice a day, much to the kids happiness. If I slack, and leave them off for even one day, the grass becomes brittle. With the recent fires, I worry about dry grass. Just a few days ago, there were planes circling, dropping water on the mountain that lies opposite of the one I live on. You can only see the smoke remnants in this photo.

I have enjoyed a lovely transition from August to September, this past week. The sunflowers are in full bloom around our fence, the boys are in school,
and Zoe & I are up to our ears in home-alone-heaven. :)

There has also been a grand response to the shop. Things are beginning to pick up, and special orders are rolling in!

I put together a set of earrings that were a bit dangly and long, and immediately had a request to make them shorter :)I absolutely had no idea it would be this FUN! I am meeting creative people, and expanding the realms of inventory. Small is good, but with the requests that keep on rolling, production has taken a lively turn. Any movie suggestions for those late-nighters?

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