Monday, November 16, 2009

There Is Inspiration In My Friends

This fall has served up a series of deflating Monday's. I don't think I have had as many blunders in my life, as I have endured this season. I also have not tried to market anything of this caliber before, nor tried to juggle so many schedules. Mondays, though, seem to be the most hectic, thus many things are overlooked, and I end up kicking myself on Tuesday.

On a positive note, I am featuring holiday wrap rings this season. I have created several designs that I am excited about, and would make cute stocking stuffers.


-And then-

You can find several more listed in the Etsy site!

As I settle into this chilled evening with a New Yorker by my side, and a fire roaring at my feet, I will be brainstorming the valuable feedback from friends.

Desert Wings, a Jana inspired necklace for her friend. More pics of this to come:

And finally, the Shawnna, a ring I hesitate to list. :)