Sunday, September 6, 2009

Seaside Cuff SOLD!

Wow, this week has been amazing. I have sold out of my Seaside Cuff, which I am currently making a variation of
There has been a great deal of feedback on the Maya Bluefish Earrings:
And when these leave the studio, I will be so SAD! :) They remind me of our time spent in Delray Beach, FL, this past spring, and not having a care in the world. Swimming in the ocean and the pool, the competitive tennis players, and even how things smelled drastically different from Utah. Yeah, it did.
I am currently working on some beautiful floral pins to accent any outfit, I actually had Ugly Betty's Sister in mind for a few of them:
Ah, just a preview in fact. But if you will be in SLC over the next week, I will be hosting a NEW LINE PARTY! Which will introduce the listng of my new line and provide entertainment to all my friends!
Hope you enjoy! If you can't be here, I hope to upload a fun video of the promotion!

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