Thursday, September 17, 2009

Busy Work

It is still so HOT here in Utah. At night, the winds cool the house off to a frigid chill, but the days are so hot I usually end up sweating, and I really have a dislike of sweat. I didn't play sports in school, mow the lawn, plant gardens, or even take walks in the heat before I had kids. Not sure what changed, but I assume I am less squeamish because going into labor and giving birth vastly changed my perspective on what the body can handle. I still don't like to sweat, but I have found ways to avoiding melting. Adaption seems easier than complaining, I guess.

Speaking of adapting, I am glad it is nearing fall, as I don't have a fan in my new studio. I found a large, handcrafted desk for $10 at the local thrift store, sanded it, brushed a bit of varnish over the top, and requisitioned my husband to help move it into the room we had set aside for a workspace. Sadly, it wouldn't fit in through the angled archway entrance! After setting it down in the empty living room (another room with a complicated layout, ie we use the den as the tv room), my hubby sighed and left me with promises of dis-assembly after work.

After an hour of walking around this hulking piece of useless wood, I decided to take it apart myself. There! Something to do! BAH. Damn wood glue had it sealed tight. FAIL. Hmmm, maybe it will fit down stairs. Looking over railing to evaluate yet another angle, I decided I needed to think.

Several painted frames later, I decided to rearrange the house. I tore apart the den and distributed it's contents to other appropriate locations, and portioned off a corner of the unused living room for the tv & sofa. It actually works. *Relief*

The den's entrance is wide enough to shuffle said useless wood through, and is now useful! I feel stronger, and almost organized, now that I have a dedicated workspace other than the kitchen bar! And this is what I have been working on, in the between:

And then:
Packaging and shipping has been a hoot lately as well. Sent out some fun jewelry, and getting ready to list a few pieces of interest in the morning.

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