Sunday, October 4, 2009

October Is Here In Full Fall

WOO! October is here. The lights are up, the moms are sportin' their pumpkin farms, and the dads, well, I bet are just waiting for the surprise moment to terrorize their poor kids. Am I right, or am I right?
I, on the other hand, am creating amulets, and lovely bones for the bestest of my customers. Take some of these Jamaican wood beads & bones? To the Islands, Mon. . .

And it doesn't stop here...
There is more and more love on the Etsy site.
New addition! Drifter earrings. You totally can't travel without these bad girls whispering sweet nothings!
From one traveler to another, you MUST accessorize. Sure, pick up a thing here, a thang there. Be sure to match that belt to those shoes. Oh, you are taking one pair of shoes? Match your hair. Long hair? Necklace. Short hair? Earrings. Take it from a gypsy. Or rather, just take it from me.

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